Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love them for their uniqueness, please


ow a lot of times, I see parents getting tired of tending to their children. Well, it doesn't happen all at once but gradually, I suppose. As and when the child shows his or her weaknesses, the parents love also fluctuates, for that matter.

A good example is when the child does well in his academics, the parent showers him with love and presents but what happens when the child’s performances degrade?

So the whole idea of loving our children is merely based on their abilities. It’s like giving a bone to a dog by a trainer, every time it jumps. The dog here doesn't get a bone because of love but only because of its action or ability to jump. So I ask, is this fair?

I mean, we have to love our kids for being who they are right? Rather than not with what they can do. Otherwise we are no better than a dog’s trainer.

We know that children are unique in their own way hence has to be accepted and loved for their uniqueness. We have to support them morally when they go through some failures rather than scolding and hitting.

We have had cases of children jumping off over the bridge during the time of their result’s day, for not being able to do well. If we analyze properly, their jumping off would get traced back to their parent’s reaction over children’s failure.

So it’s time we understand, why we should love our children. Love them for their uniqueness please.  


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  2. I totally agree with you - beautifully written!

  3. that's a good note..