Friday, June 26, 2015

caged bird set free but not without a scar
It isn’t a gold discovery thing see so many violence against women that too in today’ world and best- in recent times. For a record I always believed that such inhuman atrocities usually happened with illiterate lot with mediocre earning but, boy was I wrong.
What confuses me is that none of the victim dares to come out of the darkness. If at all, rarely few that too with endless pressure or may be support from their families, I don’t know. Perhaps they are being too Buddhist about it (accepting it as their fate).

Now the best scene of how it happen and to whom it could happen would be; a regular drunken father, a sober mother or both same and a bunch of kids. In such we half-heartedly accept violence with reason or no reason but until recently, it is with the young couples. Married for couple of month, infuriated with past lovers and weakness of jealousy with single friends. Drama unfolds.

Of recently we had a young friend with even younger and good looking wife. Now everybody would imagine a Romeo Juliet romantic type life right? Pretty wrong. Of-course for few months I agree but then such painful relationship unfurls. It pained my heart to see such beautiful face tainted with harsh beat-up. What could I do? I tried my best to make them well him understand but as said, ‘some people just don’t intend to understand.’
What was even piercing my heart was the fact that, the girl having to face such malicious animalism, still tends to hide all the pain and rejoices happiness that they shared even for a brief time. And she isn’t just the one who lives such life, she is just another one.

Every day I silently wished for her to open her eyes and find her way back as she had too much to live than being just a worn out sand bag. And just as I was losing my faith in humanity, a rejoicing news came, for she was leaving him for good. And god, was I happy. But my happiness was short lived.

And my heart is scared. They say that words are more hurtful than the weapon, and I couldn’t agree much less. What happened? Well the case was filed, deliberated and found him guilty. He was to pay her certain amount. And he did pay, that too double the approved amount. But what he said next is just beyond my humanity. “I got what I need, and my cash wouldn’t suffice it. If you have been used by some other even for once, you would have received an Iphone. Five months for just Nu.***, ha ha ho he..”

The way he laughed after throwing the money inflicted my heart, her- only god knows.