Saturday, June 27, 2015

Can you tell me the direction to Australia, please?
I have a dream like any other to go to Australia. I mean who doesn’t? Everybody does, straight fact. And it is so alarming to see so many trying their luck even when the chances are pretty slim. Half of the people running to court early in the morning is just for this fairy tale cause. And half the patient, well not really a patient, visiting our single central hospital in the capital, on two week days are for this cause.
The money thing has ruined the ethics, integrity and social charismatic of us Bhutanese. Trying to get to Australia is almost like playing a card game, because nobody knows whose ticket could be confirmed. Yet there isn’t shortage of dreamers, doers and losers.
And lately I am counted as one myself. I don’t know how and why I thought I could be the next lucky go-getter but now as I wait for my VISA, it pinches my heart and sends a shiver down my spine. For if I fail, it would shake me mentally and financially. But again, if we want to succeed, risk must be taken, period!
I wasn’t really a love-to-wait type guy, so it’s painful especially with uncertain result. But nonetheless life has to go on. Now that I think, I believe that we Bhutanese have a smoldering weakness for a quick cash, hence dream Australia. But again, I cannot glorify my statement and say that all are after money. I hope there are other folks out there genuinely seeking VISA simply for a professional matter.  
Not to forget, there are those who puts everything they have and don’t have, hoping to get to the other side. This is little intense because it’s absolutely gambling to win the jack pot. Say, the chances are about one of six on probability measurement. They are the doers. And when they lose, everyone shies away with misery.
And some have taken advantage of our weakness. Robbing the dreamers with fake certainty on black and white- digging the hard earned cash. They should burn in hell. Just my curse. I mean it’s like a collapse of a Wall Street for the lost party. Thankfully, they don’t give up on life with such unfortunate loss.

So here I am just like the rest of the dreamer. Checking my mail countless time a day clinging to the phone everywhere I go. What for? Well, Jackpot, obviously. I almost choke to answer that. But truth is the truth, and I speak nothing but the truth. Of-course my plan is to pursue studies, but hey whom am I kidding right?