Monday, March 7, 2016

Critical reflection on Globalization and education.
The Bhutanese government still holds some resilience to the ever catching globalization when Its fast and coming. I would say it should engulf in its snowballing captivity in just near future. The elite community members have put down heads to rattle out every consequence the globalization has to bring in; pros and cons perse. For those socially developed Nations, it is a promise of increasing prosperity and paced development but for the culturally sensitive Nations- a value laden and controversial prospect. Given the fact that, one can get to live in the time laden space with all resources to comfort’s reach yet I feel that GLOBALIZATION isn’t always the reaching and conquering answer.
And Education is one big sink hole where it has found home. I sat through many workshops back in my homeland discussing the educational transition in line with globalization. And every time the punch line used was, “education system of Bhutan has under gone a sea change.” I always fetched the same answer. Every learning institution tries to boldly tag its vision as producing globally competent graduate. In this aspect, globalization is rather an entrepreneurial and competitive face. Which brings to question its very propaganda.
In my own critique, Castells conjures that the technology and its terminologies should be to made user friendly in order for global development to set in. I would vouch for this aspect of strategy because I believe that the concept of uneven globalization can be reached through digital mechanisms too. Today we say the world is on my finger tip for this very reason. But is technology the very means of revolutionizing educational framework? I have a mixed feeling on this. Generations have excelled globally in not just education field but in every man known field, before the franchise of tech. And we could still do it if not for the feeling of handicapped. So the essence of educating technology globally resonates its nonchalant value clearly here.
I swear that I saw a computer only in my high school days and cell phone in my college days. Which means globalization took sometime in finding me. However, the current generation of Bhutanese are far-fetched. But the argument of globalizing enigma will always be open for debate, as it is a vessel without a top, which alters both good and bad.
Well, now it’s an absolute verdict that globalization in fact has taken its toll in education progression. And this is not just in some developed Nation but in every Nation that strives to better their educational standard. I wouldn’t look no further than my own country. Every reformation in the syllabus, curriculum, staffing pattern, pedagogy and teaching strategies that’s going on is somehow inclined to educate wholesome education; which itself is a globalizing framework. It’s a wonder, how fast it has tolled upon a small landlocked country. So I believe that there would be time when all human could speak and understand one common language without having to differentiate Nationality and ethics. And when this time strikes, Education is globalized to the zenith. Until then it’s a progress and we are the maker in it. 

P.S: I wrote this reflection for my course work in doing Masters in Education.  
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