Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's about time we change

The most dreaded errand of all is the time to go for a weekend's shopping. That's because with so much, you get so little. Five hundred Ngultrum can barely fill the normal decent bag. Question. Is our currency turning less powerful over the year? Is commodities turning or made more expensive monthly? Are shopkeepers making more profit on profit? Are we too casual/ignorant  about what the prices are? Of all the questions, what strikes me the hardest is, "how are we developing?"  Perhaps it is to do with the fact that Bhutan imports more commodities than is actually exporting. Let's face it, from the basic need like a table salt to the mighty SUV vehicles, everything is literally pumped in. And the so called our money, it's flowing out. Billions of ngultrums are converted to actually make these transactions. Let's not shun ourselves from the fact that our currency hold the least monetary value both inside and outside. And it's going worse yearly. If the current trend of doing business continues, I feel that someday we might have to exchange heaps of money just to get a loaf of bread. Cross 60 miles across the country's friendly border, and we know how incumbent we really are. Our currency is accepted only by the handful of the retailers. Whereas our friendly's currencies are accepted across our Nation without a hitch. Infact with an regarded kinship. Isn't it time we have leaders, who works for the betterment of our people? Who inspires new researchers to move forward? Who like other prominent leaders across the globe, talk of importance of finding next CEO of Google? Who talks of instituting think tanks to develop our human resource? Or least, who appreciates and helps young talents to make it big? Seriously it's time we stop admiring leaders who buy our vote for a promise of bridge and a school. A school and a bridge is Nation's need and people are the part it. So next time though, lets demand more than a bridge and a school. Let's not vote cheap.  Bhutan can't be represented by few elites driving posh SUVs nor by some humble monks with practice of contentment. We are more than that. We want to grow like others, learn like others and develop like others. We can't be hermits all the time and we definitely don't want our children to be slaves of some Muslim elites in middle eastern countries. We want them to do better at home and away.     The trend that the government have set by making our children a labour force for well offs offshore are disheartening. We have heard their woes and cries. We can resent but government can't. It's responsibility of every government to see if their citizens are happy. We are not saying you have to be like Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay but at least be authentic Bhutanese. That will do just fine. And no more cover up stories please! The problem is we accept casually. We know that our neighbor is one hell of a corrupt yet we are casual, we see that our own classmate is selected because he is related to the boss yet we are casual, we know that the shopkeeper is selling way over the marked retailer's price yet we are casual. Why are we so naive? What are we afraid of? Why are we so casual? Isn't it time we change now? If there was ever a devise that could measure happiness, it would be one heck of a show.   


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