Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Night Hunting and its prodigy...

In a rural land, under a crimson night: with moon so high and stars damn bright. A young lad sets out to win some merry time. Now he has got no destination in particular to reach, for he travels with chance, to bargain some luck.

Once in the village, he sees countless number of windows but one in particular steals his heart for he knows that a fair maiden is sleeping inside.  He knows that he is one of the uninvited guests like the rest of the lads, so he chooses the windows of that maiden’s nest as his perfect entrance.    

His concentration and patience in opening the windows without being noticed, takes him right next to her. Once there, his body trembles seeing a milky skin shimmering beneath the dark cover.

The touch of him startles her from her sleep. She demands him to leave that instant, if that could only make  him leave. When that fails, she begs for him to exit but he is just too adamant to leave without his prize. She wants to shout her lungs out but the mere fear of waking her families and having to face their cynical criticism mutes her voice.

She fights him half the night: kicking and pushing but he dissuades her with his flamboyant sugar coated promises and wins her heart eventually. She like the rest of the dreamers of happy life ahead, believes in him and offers herself. For a moment everything between them sparkles with soothing tune. Only time will reveal her the deep peril she’s fallen into.      

Their ephemeral happy time comes to an end with the breaking of the dawn. He slowly disappears through the same window, never to be seen and heard again.   
She waits for him crying silent tears for every single day of her life. Praying only worsens her, for she starts losing faith in god with each passing time.

It doesn’t take long before everyone starts noticing her protruding belly. The question showers her from everywhere but her silence maims her deeply. Only she and the darkness knows that the matter is inexplicable. 
Living becomes whimsical when everyone looks at her with disgust. She wants to escape but there isn't a place, for she knows none so friendly.

Finally she gives it to fate and redeems herself to appease with harsh life she has to live...   
Her son grows up amidst all the criticisms to be a perfect “kockty” (bastard) and her – well another victim of famous night hunting practice.

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