Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road block - which has infact blocked everything...

It’s been almost a month now, and still there isn’t a slightest effort to clear the massive road block which connects us to the Yangtse town.

The place where we come from, we have to depend on that sleazy town, for almost everything. So no wonder, why our life has turned damn frustrating until recently. The village Tshogpa has until now, written around three applications to the Gup, regarding the seriousness of the cut off, but just isn’t working out.

To talk about the seriousness of the matter, just a few days ago, a pregnant woman had to be carried on the back, by her father-in-law to the hospital for check up. And to make the matter worse, the distance till the nearest tarred road is 10 miles hike over the valley.

It simply isn’t in my wildest of an imagination, for how the local Government actually functions. I mean should there be some dozens dead, before they actually clear that block along, with our carcass? May be, our fatuous bureaucrats are, too comfortable to hear our cry of suffering.     

This road was paved just a month back, but is already filled with all sizes of fallen boulders. So much for those dedicated cynical contractors.

Everyone of us here, have all ran out of rations, and god knows how we are going to get our supplies from Yangtse. Every day we are sinking into a deeper peril of all sorts.     

May be this time, we really need to change the address of our application for an immediate effect….  

(I don’t intend to blame on anybody, when I write on this matter or have any sort aversion towards anyone.  It’s just my share of thought to appease my morbid mind)

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