Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long-lost friend!

Yesterday, I ran into an old friend from my childhood, quite by an accident. Well, we used to be always together during those days because we were from the same neighborhood.  

We stole apples together, swam together, ate together and even took a dump together for that matter.
But off all, I remember him as a great LIAR, but in a good way. He always had stories that would awestruck us in amazement. But the funny part was; we believed everything that he jabbered. None of us had an audacity to question him because his way of interpreting his tales were so awesome!    

“Bruce lee can crack open that mountain with one blow.” He can get inside the stone and live there for one month”  “he is my father’s friend” were some of his best lines I remember of him. But then, I didn’t even know who Bruce lee was. I thought of him to be some kind of a giant with his fist bigger than an elephant.

I was quite disappointed, when I finally saw Bruce lee, for he wasn’t what I pictured in my mind. Rather he was just a tiny man. I watched all his movies trying to catch the scene of him cracking the mountain open but hasn’t been lucky till date. So then I deduced my friend to be a classic mud-muncher.

He blurted once, “My father has a racing car which can fly” and ever since I have been waiting to see that car.

So finally, there we were, as adult, shaking hand. I just looked at his car and said, is that your father’s racing car? Both of us roared out laughing.
We decided to go for a coffee and catch up on our lost times. For the entire time, we were laughing like crazy, recapitulating  on our funny anecdotes.  It was very certain that we attracted quite a number of onlookers. We just couldn’t stop laughing.

I know we were kids back then and every word that we have spoken deserves a kiddish excuse.

Finally as we were departing, my stomach was running wild for laughing out harder than ever before. For the one last time, I said “wai drive your racing car slowly, my friend.” He curled his mouth and got in the car. Funny is Life!