Sunday, September 9, 2012

Robbed by my GENEROSITY!

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Yesterday, a man not so old yet not so young turned up at my door and begged me for some cash. Now, as I looked at him, he was wearing a shabby yellow color gho with worn out slippers. So I figured he must be from one of the villages around Yangtse.

He fumbled amidst tears ‘Sir, please spare me some cash, my sister is dying in the hospital.’ I had lots of questions, but I chose to ask, ‘Why? What happened?’   And he narrated, ‘my sister has a kidney failure and I want to take her to a bigger hospital. I don’t have anybody to rely on. That’s why; I am walking and begging on everybody’s door.’

I had to calm him down, offer him a meal and give him Nu. 2000. I had to put up an argumentative debate with my wife because she wasn’t with me with the sum that I have decided to grant. I had to make her understand, the man’s genuineness, I suppose.
The other teachers followed my lead and donated him a handful sum. So I thought, he made a good collection. I bid him farewell and advised him to take good care of his sister.

So today, I had to go to the Dzongkhag for some official work. As soon as I approached the first shop, there was a man lying in the middle of the road. So I honked and honked but the man simply lied there, like a dead cow. I went to check on him and to my utter surprise; he was the same man that came to beg at our place.

And to top my sheer disappointment, he smelled like a punctured alcohol barrel. That's when  I figured that he must have dropped there; flat drunk!   
didn't know what to do? I couldn't lift him and he couldn't stand on his own. So I dragged him to the side of the road and proceeded with my journey.

After completing my official work, I asked few shopkeepers about the man on the road. To which I was told that he does that when he runs out of the money to buy himself a drink.
Upon hearing about his emotional trick to make others give, I felt mad, irritated and remorseful because I believed him and also made others to believe. I thought I was helping him for god’s sake! And this is what I get out of my humble generosity? So much for my freaking generosity! I felt sick to the end!

That man did not rob me, my money but my sincere GENEROSITY! These are the people whom I hate the most. I know, there isn’t a point in crying over a spilt milk but lets face it guys; this isn’t a show or a film. This is my life. I have to shout from morning till evening trying to earn my living. Every cent is important as it can be. And there I was, wasting on that lunatic drunk!

As I reached home, I felt different. I know my wife doesn’t have a clue about the man. All she knows is that we have helped a guy save his sister. I know she deserves a truth but something tells me she won’t understand. After all she wasn’t with my idea of giving Nu. 2000 to a total stranger, that too without even understanding the situation, a bit.  

I have heard that generosity come with a cost and I pretty much believe, that I have paid my share of price by being such a freaking GENEROUS! 


  1. That he played, indeed acted, for what? why should he sell his story to someone and get money. I cant really believe that such kind of people are around. It builds distrust, we loose confidence and trust. He did this, but he should also know that he blocked the way for some other needy. He should not have played such a huge trick for drinking alcohol. really sad to know this la.

  2. Indeed Mr. Monu. Sometimes we are bound to learn our lesson in a hardest of the way. Thanks for reading..

  3. Sorry about the loss. Such things happen here in Kenya as well.