Thursday, October 11, 2012

Believe it or not!



ou know, if you travel some 12 miles up the Berteng village, one can see, a sole house standing in the middle of no – where. 

The legend has it that the whole generation of the people living in this house has been wiped out by the serpent king, believe it or not! 

Here is the story!
Some 100 years ago, there used to be a very beautiful girl living in this house with her age old parents and two caring elder brothers.  She was a god’s perfect creation which gathered lovers from far and near.

Now, there used to be a serpent living in that vicinity, which had the ability to transform into a fine gentle man during the day and back to serpent at night.
It wasn’t long before the serpent’s heart grew tender towards that girl. He literally fell for her, like any other mortal being.

The girl too, couldn’t resist his godly look and loved him whole-heartedly. So they became inseparable in time.

But then, there stood a barrier between their bonding- her two elder brothers. They rejected her faithful plea- blatantly. In fact, they planned to kill her lover for good.

So one unfaithful night, when the serpent king came to his lover’s place, her two brothers slashed him into several pieces. It was the end.
When the news reached her, she just couldn’t resist her brother’s aversion towards her lover, hence died of a massive heart attack.

The epic has it that; then on; each family member died in sequence. Even the distant relatives weren’t spared. After all it was the curse of a Serpent King.

Post script
Today, there is an old grandmother, who is a distant relative, (last of her clan) living in that house. People say, ‘she’s waiting for her turn to go.’      


  1. That is quite a story. I assume that nobody ever dares to go anywhere near that place. Must be especially scaring for kids too.

  2. This story would make a good anime :P