Sunday, November 25, 2012

Keeping thoughts within ourselves

There are times when we feel like we could give in some share of our opinions to friends, families or colleagues. It is during such times that people get offended without any prior intention.

The random opinions or comments could be like; friend having to to improve his working habit, families having to demand less, wife's sincerity to clean house etc.

We want to let these people know the truth but somehow it goes all wrong. So we are left wondering whether it was them for not being able to take in the truth or us for not being able to put in proper passive words. Well, Our intention could be real kind but quite often- it goes all downhill.

So it is therefore best to be silent. Just by keeping our share of thoughts within ourselves saves the day of putting up an argument with others on an unfaithful day.

On the second thought, I guess we can share some subtle hints without having to bluntly honest and hope that they could improve from there. But these aren't in our option, many a time.

As a social being, we work everyday tirelessly to keep our relation on steady speed. That's why, most of the time we avoid sharing truth face to face which could cause embarrassment to our peers.

On the lighter side with the brighter people, it is lot better to tell nothing but truth. Well they retort back but take in our comments much wisely. Kind of win-win situation.


  1. We definitely need to use wisdom, make sure the timing is right and choose our words well when we give advice and express our opinions to others so that we do not end up hurting them and making the situation worse. There are people who do not take criticism well, but with the right words and timing it is possible to get a negative message across without causing any misunderstanding.

  2. well said Nuru. I like your opinion