Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have I still got it?

I haven't really written a word for a long time now.... I use to love how letters on the keyboard could do it's miracle forming words and words enrolling to become sentences. But of all, I have always fancied the sound of keys, rattling one after the other on my computer. Faster they were better I felt and better the writing became. I really miss the feeling.

May be I have been too busy caught up doing other things or may be I have lost the thing about writing. But again why is it lost? Answers are numerous yet not particular. Lack of consistency is the appropriate factor that lead to close my writing temporarily. Now no more, I say!

If there is anything I love, then it's the feeling or more appropriately the satisfaction I get after finishing a piece. I know I have lot to learn before I could actually author a book and it's going to take me a good many years. But still, I believe it isn't impossible. It's all about dedication to keep writing, I suppose....