Sunday, October 10, 2010

Civil Service Examination for TEACHER, But WHY NOW?

Source: Google

Off late, the ministry of education came up with a rash decision to make the graduating teachers to sit for the Civil Service Examination. Now this has led to a total chaos in both the teacher colleges in Samtse and Paro. Not because we don’t want to sit for this precious examination or for not being incompetent for that matter, but simply because it came very rashly. Way faster than the flu virus.  

Aren’t we supposed to be at least informed little before than NOW? I mean shouldn’t we be given a time to mentally prepare for this? After all nobody of our predecessors have sat for this so called civil service examination. Every one of us is tensed over this upcoming test.

The trainees have gone on rampage over this matter in Kuenselonline forum, and for what? Just for few consolers and that was it. Mr. Kuenga (Counselor) even arranged a Television interview with BBS. Even I grabbed an opportunity to share my view over this matter.           

Every day, lecturers shower us with all the tips to tackle the examination. We were the first batch to sit for Bhutan Board of Examination back in 2007 and now will be first to sit for Civil Service Examination too in 2011.   
Wishing everyone of us to clear our overdue with the coming Examination. Good Luck..