Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Bye To My College Days… You will be missed

SCE - the heart of all TEACHERS
Few weeks from now and we will be saying adieus to our precious college life. The ephemeral times of joy we spent, over the span of three years with our friends, will be over. Damn! That sounded heavy, even to write it.

The embarrassing moments… those fatuous jokes made…harassment from the lecturers… and those maimed full of insults will all become college reminiscences over the time. Friends will be missed and the good times spent with them, will be super missed. But like somebody said, “the show must go on”. Hence each one of us, will have to drag our life ahead, for we are all referred to as the national builders for nothing right?     

I wish to walk this path all over again
Why the hell is good times so short lived, is the most contemplated question in my mind over and over again. I know the answer, but still it’s unfathomable or may be just unsatisfying, if I may say to suffice myself.

Ahh! Camon we will meet again… Bhutan is so small… where can you possibly hide? These are more of a made up words to appease ourselves, so as to show our masculinity over the uncomfortable situation. But despite everything being said, I know there is hard saliva, stuck in our fragile throat, that cannot be swallowed while saying those lines.    

“To meet is to depart.” Yet we have the audacity to ask for eternal bonding with everyone. Funny right? I mean, we were together for all these times and nobody felt anything. But now all of sudden, we feel that something is going to be lost in a while. “We never know the value of a thing, until its lost” wow this statement is makes sense quite by chance especially NOW!
Soon I will be on my delusional quest, like rest of my friends. I know things will be tough. But like it’s said, “Time heals all wounds.” I think I will live right? So let’s get out of this emotion and wish all my friends “A HAPPY LIFE AHEAD”
handful of role models