Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Utter disappointment over the Unfair Placement!

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It was a beautiful day in the early February. There were quite a few people walking towards the Dzong, so I guessed perhaps there were not many civil servants here in Yangtse. On the way we encountered couple of our mates from the college. Today was a day that would decide each of our school to be placed in.

It was one hell of a hike up, till the Dzong. Once there, lots of familiar faces greeted us, well, most were from the same college that we went to.
Just before 9:00 AM, the office assistant summoned us in one of the dimly lit room where all colored plastic chairs were arranged. We sat kind of in the middle row. It wasn’t long, when the Dzongdag, District Education Officer (DEO), ADEO and other officials filled the room.

Soon the Dzongdag had a welcome speech followed by few valuable words of wisdom. Then the hour of decision came, when suddenly the DEO announced our placements.
Well, call it a fate or karma for whatever reason but both of us (me and my wife) got placed in one of the CPS. The name sounded quite funny too. The DEO pronounced as Lichen Community Primary School. I mean really? Did I hear him right was my first doubt.

I just thought this wasn’t just possible! or rather fair! Can they place a secondary teacher in a community level just like that? If so, why differentiate as secondary and primary in the first place?
After all that we have gone through as a secondary teacher down at the college, but to be placed in a community level, was just not right. It was simply unfathomable logic! Sheer lunatic plan! When asked, the DEO had a very lame excuse over it. Was just utter rubbish!

I could have agreed to it, if it were same for everybody, but NO! Some got placed in high schools for no particular reason. Damn with the corrupt system! Just wasn’t fair! Few even got placed in the town, just for being related to the high officials. So much for; ‘no nepotism system.’ Screw them all.
It was sad for us, for not having relatives like them in the sector offices. I had lots of questions for the DEO but didn’t have the audacity to ask. I mean how could I? I pretty much knew that, I was fighting a losing battle. Me against the whole system? Simply didn’t make a match! But again, I ain’t in slightest doubt that my questions could have made a difference.              

Finally, our fate got sealed! Nothing could be done, to revert their crooked decision. Then on, I just didn’t feel like, listening to their fatuous lies for any matter.
I just wish the system to be - fair and just, for one and all, despite of difference in race, sex and relatives.