Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mock Drill for an Earthquake. (HOW IS IT DONE?)

Today we conducted a mock drill for earthquake in our school. I initiated the event because I have undergone a training back in 2009 at Chukha Higher Secondary School.
This is a comprehensive report on HOW IT’S DONE!
So first, I divided them into different teams and appointed a leader. The groups consisted of:
1.      Rescue team headed by Lop. Nado
2.      Attendance group headed by Mr. Phuentsho Dorji
3.      Health group headed by Mrs. Tenzin Wangmo
The victims are chosen from each class secretly and hidden within the school area. Then it is time for some action.
Let me write the actions step wise:

Step 1
As soon as the siren goes (sign of an earthquake) the children in the class dug under their study table and stays there until the siren recedes. This is done in order to save themselves from heavy objects falling on their head.

Step 2
Once the siren recedes, the children slowly walks towards the open space which is our school is the football ground. There the children stand in their respective class line. (The children shouldn’t be allowed to run when they move towards the open space because when they run, there are chances of them falling down and injuring further)

Step 3
Now the attendance team rushes over to the children and finds out the missing children from each class. Once the list of missing children is made, they hand the list to the rescue team.

Step 4
As soon as the rescue team gets the list, they launch the rescue operation. They need to first locate the victims and then rescue them safely to the health team.
Since the victims are dispersed everywhere in the school perimeter, the rescuing operation needs a vigilant and active members. They are equipped with stretchers and blankets.

Step 5
The health team renders a first aid service to the victims. After the first aid, they call upon the police and the ambulance depending upon the severity of the injuries.

(Once the simulation and role play ends, they are served with refreshments)