Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nobody could save Wangdi Dzong… Neither GOD nor SUPER HERO

You see, a child being trapped in a house with people around the scene, feeling real helpless. Just then, the Super hero zooms over them and recues the child safely. That is the classic scene, in a super hero movie. Wow! That would be real treat to the whole world, if it happens for a real.
I think at some point of a time, everyone of us might have yearned for a real super hero, if not every day, then definitely in the times of an accident. That’s what struck my mind just about now.
Today the country’s historic Dzong was engulfed by the fire in Wangdi, and we the folks, here in Lichen, didn’t seem to know. How funny is that? And what were we doing? Well, we were busy with our everyday schedule. And that’s what we always do. I mean after all, it was Sunday, right?
But there in Wangdi, the day was quite very disheartening. The much treasured Dzong was blazing on fire. Both His Majesty the king and His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo were on the scene. And how did I know all this? Well, it’s all thanks to Bhutan Telecom for their data card service, with which, we the rural civil servants, can also have the privilege, to grab the hot culminating news around the globe.

BBS webpage

 I ran onto the Bhutan Broadcasting Service website quite by accident, and got served with this tragic news. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Endless questions razed on my mind, perhaps like that fire, trying to swallow the precious Dzong. Wasn’t anyone trying to put it off? What are those fire fighters doing? Questions were many but answers quite few.        

Hit onto kuenselonline and learnt that the fire was so intense that nobody could even face it for its immense heat. Now what could I do? Nothing… just wait for the news update by the Medias and feel helpless. 

Kuensel webpage

How I wish it to be TRUE

Sometimes I wish those super heroes to be here with us for real. But that’s just a childish thought, right?  I mean seriously, wouldn’t it be nice? If in a flip of second, they could swish past us and breathe out the hot burning fire, keeping all of us with sigh of relief cheering their bravery. But none happens in the reality. Goodness topples and evil just rains despite the nature’s oddness. This is LIFE.    
I just pray for everybody’s safety and country’s peacefulness. May god bless us.   

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