Wednesday, June 20, 2012

“We Are Spared As Of Now”

The politicians are exchanging dialogues despite any abrupt conclusions. Watch for a little longer – and one can clearly see their ego talking which is otherwise mixed with their pride over their position. Every one of them has something to say on each other’s face over some personal matter.
Everyday different kinds of bills are being passed. I wonder how the system functions. Well, what am I trying to say here? Ummm…. I don’t really know. But definitely something inside me may be some kind chemical is urging me to utter my own ideologies which are just my thought though.
So what I will do is, I will try to compare the current situations elsewhere and here, in Lichen. 

The vegetables’ prices have sky rocketed just over the couple of weeks ago and nothing seems to stop them. The folks living in the urban areas are badly affected.  A year ago, Nu. 500 couldn’t fill a descent rubber bag while shopping in Thimphu, but now ….?

Well, we are still enjoying the fruit of our labor. A kitchen garden, which is just about a half size volleyball court, serves the purpose. Parch for a while and spare some of your leisure time, we get to taste our hard labor which is very rewarding indeed.

Everyone owns a car but to drive around, it has to be for quite a genuine purpose. What seems to be the problem there? PETROL PRICE of course! This is why I guess, the Government has passed a bill to observe every Tuesday as a pedestrian day. Perhaps this will even help those officials with beer tummies to lose some extra pounds or at least spare the Government vehicles otherwise.

The Hidden Paradise 
For us here – we observe every day as a pedestrian day. We walk the talk and also talk the walk. It goes both the ways. After all, we don’t need any of those fossil fuels to run our engine. Thus  we are spared of worrying about those fuel prices climbing the ladder of other country’s economy.

The classified sections of any kind of forums are advertised with need of flats for rent. Again there is a problem attached to it- RENTS! Every month the tenants are made to pile some extra thousands than before. Even the circular from the Government office couldn’t hinder the decision of the hungry house owners.

Well I guess a four room quarter is more than comfortable for us. That too levied of the rents. At least the Education Ministry has supported us- the rural civil servants in this regard.   

Many are in the view that the economy is almost standing still (I hope not). This time it’s because of “INDIAN CURRENCY”.  At first I was like what the…? Because I thought it wasn’t our currency. So what has that got to do with our development? It was after much sought help from lay man’s opinions till the print Media’s writings, which made me to understand that, we are dependent on them (Indians) for every purpose.   
The constructions are at halt, prices of second hand vehicles have become just like the new ones, banks are dried up and many more which I can’t cover as of now, may be in second part I may be able to do so.  
So you see, so much of problems for such a tiny country. Yet we say that we are enjoying the Gross National Happiness. I still don’t get it. I mean do we have a machine to calculate our happiness?
Reading a paper till listening to the news broadcast- I certainly don’t think people are happy. But please excuse me, I am not speaking on every one’s behalf than just my silly ideologies.    

We aren’t in a position to construct a building, so no worries for foreign currency. Bad conditioned road shades over our dream of owning a car. So we are least bothered whether the banks provide loan or not.

My Whole Point of Argument
Despite all the circumstances associated with all the democratic problems that others are undergoing or even feeling. We are in one form here in Lichen. Yes I do accept that it is a small place with just countable houses and handful of students but we are least affected with all those above mentioned problems.  And I can proudly say that “MY JUNGLE IS THE BEST”. It is sad that we cannot have all the privileges and pleasures like those living in the urban areas but we are happy that we aren’t affected like them either.  

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