Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The epic class picnic

Mongshi in the center
Now why in the world should a class picnic be so epic? Well! I will tell you why? You know, every other class comes together over the matter that’s related to the class as a mass right? But my dear readers, not our class. Yeah you heard it right amigos. Not our class for crying out loud.  Not for once! Classic us!
It’s been two and half years and nothing seems to work out, as one for us. Few would passively put minds together, and propose a plan but only to be dissuaded by some dick heads. Sometimes I even fall in this category (seriously).
It takes lots of ego brushing to finally form a decent football team for that matter, and to play it- well it comes with lots of consequences or rather aftermaths. What follows after the soccer match is often a massive surprise. But that’s how we roll people. The other classes don’t just call us as the ‘most corrupted’ for nothing right?

With every new semester- class coordinators have changed too. And every coordinator under his wing of authority, tried to take our class for a decent picnic, but how the failed is still a mystery. Well not actually them but us, as a whole. I mean, we were the one in the first place, to actually not corporate with them. So why blame the coordinators mena?

Corrupted, us whatevr but we are the AWESOME
Why can’t we for once come to a common consensual point is often the question that everyone of us ask ourselves silently. Nobody dared to answer, for it’s simply unfathomable to unleash this big equation.

Then came Mongshi (Leki Tshering) – our last coordinator for the fall semester. At first everybody thought of him as just another wanna- be- leader, but how he proved us wrong was a big time score. He spoke less, but with damn heavy meaning. His hissing voice, if interrupted could maim a serious insult. I often thought, his disposition was very immaculate than the rest of us.

Damn! having fun eh?
So he had the audacity to actually take all of us, well almost all of us, but there are few skeptical ones, but damn with them! Finally! We were on our much awaited delusional quest, of finding happiness towards the Dyna Bridge for a nice we class wet picnic.

I bet that, every soul on that day, had one hell of happy time. Well I certainly did. After all, it’s said that, ‘the fruit of a hard earned labor is much sweeter.’ How true! Was a sensational wee hour for all of us! The food was great and the mates- super cool with all different activities.

Alas… our much anticipated picnic gave us a massive enjoyment with all the great memories. Everything was full on. Thanks to everyone of us, and yeah to our humble MONGSHI for making it possible.

That day was obviously going to be one heck of a happy reminiscence in the diary of every one’s life.