Thursday, October 25, 2012

BEND but don’t BREAK!

There were times during my boyhood where I used to fancy going near the river banks and watching those bamboos fight against the river currents. Now the reason why I fell in love with this natural predicament was because no matter how strong the river current tried to win the tug-of-war with those bamboos; the bamboos just wouldn't give in.

Of course the bamboos did bend to the fullest due to the pressure but would never break!  I saw them getting back up-straight gracefully just as the current subsided.
So now I think we have an important lesson to be learnt here. Those bamboo’s ability to get back to its own posture withstanding the currents defines the word “flexibility.”

Today we are no better than those bamboos. Every day we have to tackle all sorts of pressure, directly or indirectly. During such times, we have to remember to act like those bamboos.
When the system imposes ill adversities, we shouldn’t get swayed along with it, rather show some flexibility and get back to who we are, when it’s all over.

There are times when we feel like snapping from the middle for endless reasons depending on various situations. These are the times, where we need to show the strength of a bamboo.   

There are good times and also bad times in our life.  So next time when we are at the verge of breaking point, remember to BEND but not BREAK!
Show some resilience, will you?


  1. True, Nature has always taught valuable lessons to man. A simple yet a very profound truth.

  2. Yes indeed sir. Thanks for reading.

  3. Very true and very inspiring. Success and achievement always require perseverance.