Friday, October 26, 2012

Ever got tired of sitting in the office?

How would you feel if you have to go to the swamps, that too every day, to collect your living? And too top the quandary, if the living is SNAKES!
I don’t know anybody’s executing feelings but for me, most probably my lungs would be in my mouth.
I just can’t stand the sight of these slippery and slimy creatures. But in some parts of the world these slimy creatures are their sole income for their family.

Like in Cambodia, a father and a son takes a voyage everyday to the marshy swamps to collect snakes. These snakes provide them with their living. 
 Son counting their catch for the day  
If I knew any better from my parents; they told me that snakes are not to be eaten as meal but now I resent on believing whatever they said.
Here, the entire family members give hands to pile up their saving by collecting snakes. The snakes are arbitrarily considered like a toy, well that’s until the dinner time because these long slippery creatures are their recipe.

Children sees with admiration  

Once they collect enough to consume, the duo (father and son) heads towards the market to trade their catch (snakes) for other groceries.

Helping hand; counting
Now these acts aren't like walk in a park because while on the hunt, there are every chances that they stumble on a wrong one; cobras! Well one can pretty much imagine the after math if they does. Despite all the possible obstructions, they do it every single day.
weighing in the market
So next time if you get tired of sitting on that chair in your office, imagine yourself in that father’s shoe. Guess that will boost you up for the day.    

finally some cash

Courtesy: Human Planet (BBC Production Documentary) 


  1. I can't think of it. It brought me shivers when I read your post. I think I am never going to get bored of doing things, our works are nothing compared to them.

  2. thank you for your time reading my blog.