Monday, November 19, 2012

On a serious note

Many of us feel that we are fortunate to have three meals a day and warm cloths to cover our body but there are many people out there who aren't so fortunate like the rest of us. Of- course we say that we are sorry for them and wish to do something to alleviate their hardship but like always- we end up doing nothing substantial.
May be we are not so serious about this after all.

On a serious note, I believe that we are living a fake life especially when we are all BUDDHIST!
Having brought up in a society that has taught us to see GOD in every living matter, there is no rarity of seeing few people, who are  willing to do their mite for the happiness of fellow human- being. Now the question here is, why so less of these wonderful people?

One can see people petting most expensive of the pets to share their comfort. These so called pets gets to enjoy the luxurious of the life there is, when the same of our fellow beings are living mostly with half filled stomach.

So those generous folks who wishes nothing but mere happiness of others through small deeds live in a modest of the houses with minimum comfort but have a heart of a GOLD.
Yes these godly beings are ordinary ones like me and you but their willingness of giving makes them extra-ordinary than us.
They derive happiness from doing small impeccable deeds for other's well-being. 

As a Buddhist, we believe in praying for the well-being of all the sentient beings. With little more effort, if we can convert our prayers to an action, life would be all worth living. 
Living for a cause, I suppose!       


  1. For sure, without love our religiousness counts for nothing, because God is all about love.