Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why aren't we celebrating ?

It has been quite sometime that I pondered my share of thought  over so called "Thanks Giving Day",  which is celebrated mostly in the west. From what I understand, the day is celebrated to express one's gratitude towards their loved ones. This particular tradition or the trend has somehow poked my mind to express my thought.

So I wonder, why don't we, (Bhutanese) have such a fine celebration? I mean, wouldn't it be nice to sit around with your families and friends over a fine dinner and express our share of THANKS to who ever has been good on us? It definitely would, for sure.

We do have so many other celebrations over so many random occasions, but not a day to lighten up and say thanks. And for some mad donkey's reason, I don't get it.

Often we feel like, we are living in a pretty crappy world where things are more than often scandalous. Streets and dark alleys are most of the time filled with crazy people, ready to mob anybody they see. Or may be our own candidate didn't win or worse- we hate our job. So you see these are some shitty things that drones us most of the times.

As it turns out, we have all sorts of emotional distress in our day to day life.  Now, I ask again, Should we have a day, which is officially kept, so as to celebrate the gratitude expression day, to make our hassling life little beautiful?  

Everyone of us like to feel, physically and emotionally good. But on the larger level, as a  considerate social being, we yearn for acceptance and attention from our loved ones, many a time. It is also no wonder, that relations grow better with APPRECIATION, so why not celebrate, THANKS GIVING!