Friday, December 28, 2012

Confession on my New Year's Resolution

So in next few days- a fresh year will dawn and like always I will be making  a new resolution. And before I sense it, my precious resolutions would have gone down the drain. Well that's pretty much me with keeping my New Year's resolution. Classic right?

I sometimes wonder whether I am the only one left on this face of the earth, who is failing to keep resolution after resolution. Well I try hard to keep up with my word but just can't sustain it. Or may be am not trying real hard. (Gosh I should be awarded a gold for my clumsiness if you understand what I am saying) 

Last year I have made a resolution to jog one mile everyday to flatten my tummy. Well I did fine for few weeks and then my schedule started to fall back. And within a month I had completely stopped it. So am little suspicious of my new resolution this year.

CONFESSION: In last 10 years time frame, I have made 10 different resolutions and can foolishly say that I have failed nine of them miserably. Yup, just 1 out of 10! Don't judge me but that's how I roll people. 
Now many of you might be in a hurry to know which one I got hold of, right? So it was in the year 2009, that I promised to keep my resolution as reading one book every month. That I nailed it. Infact I am still continuing even today. 

I guess, a key to succeed in keeping one's resolution is to, remember and set what one likes most as a resolution. Otherwise its just a lie over a beer to our friends and loved ones. So yes am thinking of a passionate resolution for 2013. 

Happy New Year to all the readers!


  1. Haha an amusing post! Why is it that most of us are clumsy in new year resolution? Talking of you jogging for a mile, I also had the same resolution this year, that's to do yoga but i have failed miserably :(.

    Congrats for nailing a book per month, thats tremendously appreciating :D

    And good luck for your new year resolution while i think of mine as well

    1. Well thank you Rekha for going through my post and good luck with your resolution.

  2. Thats cool.i too planned a resolution in this year 2012 but i later fail it. In year 2013, one of my resolution is to know how to speak one foreign language like hindi or french!! And Rekha, i wont mind if u can teach me yoga

  3. Congratulations on managing to keep that one resolution, and all the best in your new ones this year.
    I have nominated you for The Liebster Award. See for the rules on how to participate, and do keep blogging.

  4. Wel thank u for the kind deed. I really appreciate it

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