Friday, December 14, 2012

Failure is not the end my friend

Well, I am a teacher and I make mistake sometimes. The fact of the matter is; we all do. But despite all that, if I allow a major failure now, the consequences can be severe repercussions for my children.

Therefore it is very important for me to understand both- my strengths and limitations. I must know under which circumstances I am likely to fail and also should know where to seek some helping hands.

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This little consciousnesses got better of me especially now, because of all the mistakes that I have committed during my age of adolescence. So thanks to that stage, for today I can stair around when obstacles block my path.

Adolescence is the time where we can test our limits, and it is through this precious testing, that we can understand our strengths and weaknesses.
Learning to deal with mistakes helps us prepare for the realities of the world where things don't always turn out as planned, even if we try really hard.

As a teacher, I can see so many students trying to avoid failures and mistakes at all cost. Their stakes are very high. They don't want to disappoint their parents for their parents expect best from them. They are made to believe that failing can devastate their aspirations in life. (kind of programmed mindset)    

So I ask, well not anyone but myself- if they (children) can't commit mistakes now then when?
Well, I believe that, adolescence is the time which offers rooms for colossal failures and push their limits, despite of failing or success thing.
It is through failures that one can learn to navigate adversity successfully.    

If there is anybody whose believes crosses mine then take a time to answer the following questions:
  1. When will they understand their limitations ?
  2. How and when will they learn to seek help?
  3. How would they know to push their boundaries in order to unleash their creativity? 
  4. When will they learn that greatest of the innovations are discovered through countless failures? 


  1. We all learn by making mistakes on a daily basis. No man has ever been found to be perfect, unless they have been deceived. Through mistakes we eventually learn to do what is right, and how to succeed in life.

  2. I love your blog, I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you run any other sites? thanks

  3. Not exactly. This is the only site that i maintain. Plez stay with me.