Saturday, June 22, 2013

Piling the dirt of Politics

For the record, there wasn't much of any conspiracy against anyone, let alone the nagging blame game that's going on these days.

First there were five parties and within the election onset second, one got kicked out and that too on a lame not so valid account. I was like.....What the hell? Hello.... if they were to be kicked out, why so much of those whiny request from the Election Commission to form as many parties as possible, in the first place! (I know nobody would answer that)   

Then there were four left, not to mention two couldn't even persuade the voters (mostly illiterates) for choosing the woman president. (Another socialistic undiminished discrimination against the woman)

Ultimately, the Primary round knocked out the two not so popular parties off the list for good. Now I ask, didn't anyone see that coming? I mean, they were after all fighting the loosing battle, for heaven's sake. (Nyamchung style sucked more like a Gangnam style after all) Oh! I cannot even force to laugh than to feel sorry for them.

Then the two already established parties are left- heading for the final general round but not with a good intention, I suppose. What happened next? Nobody could have seen it coming; HORSE TRADING! Can they do that? I mean isn't this what we call a coalition? Are the Election officials going brain dead now?  Half of the civilized country men and women believe that, it's an ultimate coalition party, except for the Election officials. Wow, somebody please give them a gold medal fast!

What followed next is no better than a complete social tyranny. Politicians plotting childish conspiracy against each other are making the headlines today. (Good going GNH bureaucrats, we are getting there.)  



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