Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Annihilating Dzongkha - Live

These days, extreme Politic enthusiasts are live on National Television with just one reason in their mind; campaigning to win! Well, not anymore, I would say. These people are slaying our National language live on telecast and nobody seems to be caring. Infact every one seems to be enjoying it night after night taking it to be some sort of idiotic parable.

I thought they had to have atleast a degree qualification so as to contest or I rather guess not. Oh, for heaven's sake, is Dzongkha really a rocket science? Yes, many would agree, that it's little hard writing but not for any reason - speaking. Otherwise what's left to flaunt ourselves as Bhutanese afterall?

God, I really wish that these people are made to sit for some sort of Dzongkha Proficiency test or something before they actually think of contesting. That would atleast set some level though and save themselves from jabbering jargon.

I cannot in the wildest of my dreams imagine them speaking as a guest infront of our children in the schools, if for some mad cow's reason get elected.
Well folks, its really about time that we change for good. Democracy should be for a change so why not start from the contestants, shall we?