Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crazy but immediate solutions to solve INR crisis

Alright now lets get little critical here. And why not? The Government is cutting all the loose ends just to save the country's neck from drowning in excessive INR crunch. The ministers are to be paid the minimum of the wage according to the valid sources. Well that's one of the few glistening face of politician serving the people in a real sense.

So we know that the country has a HUGE INR CRUNCH right? But what are we doing about it, than simply relaying solely on the Government to fix it. Aren't we as a citizen responsible, just the same? I thought so. Of late we know that our new Government is pumping in five Billion from India to ignite different plans to swing into action. isn't this going to add up to the already existing crunch? After all it's the Indian currency at large.

I feel that if we really care then perhaps we need to dare a bit in our lifestyle so that together we can help ourselves to save all the shortcomings altogether. So below are some of the small things that can help solve the INR crisis, if taken seriously I believe.

  1. Cut the supply of chips and cookies in the shops: My son alone empties 3 - 4 packets of chips a day. Imagine how much all children in the entire country are consuming? And these junk foods are all imported from India. Cutting short of these unhealthy edibles would not hamper much on anything rather than saving our children's health as well as rupee outflow.
  2. Kitchen garden for all:  There are huge lands converted into a luxurious garage and parking in most of the town areas. These people are solely relying on the market for the vegetables which the market imports from India. So instead of the garage and parking, if these areas are turned into a garden, it could save all the hassle of running to the market to waste money which indirectly goes off to INDIA.
  3. Shop from within: Just to save few hundreds, our people are all going down to the border towns to bargain petty goods. Which I think can be done within ourselves. (not all atlest)
  4. Walk again: At one point, all of us were walking merrily. But then the cars started becoming necessity for all due to Bank's affordable loan system. Now that the petrol prices are sky-rocketing, why don't we all walk again merrily so that we save our budget and also health?  
  5. Local (ARA): Alcohol is much loved by all that too beer. Even the people in the community seem to fancy drinking beer which costs nearly a hundred. Instead of bottling a dozen and wasting huge chunk of budget why don't we switch back to our locally brewed wines? (ARA, BANGCHANG and SINGCHANG)
To be continued.............     


  1. I agree with point no 1, 2 3 and 4. and coming to point 5, how about we first grow our own wheat and maize...so that we can truly enjoy home brewed ara, bangchang and cingchang....Cheers!!!

    By the way I am already in a full austerity mode......


    1. That could also be another way round. Thanks for dropping by.