Friday, October 18, 2013

Ngag-tang wang; phallus blow-job

So there was this religious ceremony  Called drub in our locality right? And all of us, the staffs of the school went to offer our divinity. Then the most bizarre thing happened. The huge mask-dancer flashed a 12 inch long wooden phallus and rubbed in our mouth. And I mean literally in all of the mouths of the people present there. Now isn't this little weird?

The guy forcefully made us to give blow-job to his precious wooden phallus in the name of some religious ceremony. And nobody seemed to mind it. Classic Bhutanese us. Pelden Drukpa Gaylo!

What's more interesting in the whole act is that the ladies were least spared. They were handsomely cleansed of their immoral sins with that phallus brushing. Felt little disturbed though, for being a science teacher. 

Well what's the benefit of that ngag-tang wang anyway?
Believe it or not, the myth has it that it cleanses one's sin, for it portrays the invaluable act of Lam Drukpa Kinley (the divine madman) 

P.S: ngag-tang means penis...


  1. I have never seen or even heard of such thing. Would be wonderful to be around during such wang (But not when i am with my kinsmen or

    1. It sure is Mr. Sherab. Thanks for the visit. Appreciate it. Good day to you.

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