Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our classic toilet….. You will be remembered…

look how calm she stands and look how grasses seem to benefit.

Now there she stands rock solid amidst the maize field. And the maize plants didn’t seem to mind her for her awful stinking smell but rather took pride in her for she provided the corns with all the needed nutrients.
Many of us dread visiting her, but when the nature calls, it leaves us with no choice but to take in her shelter to take care of our own business. Rainy days are the worst of all for the path that leads us to her turns muddy and slippery. Quite often one can hear someone stumbling down through the corn field and munching all the blames upon her and her path.

Now what makes her so special to be written about here?
Not because she is build with all the modern facilities. Of course not! If so I wouldn’t care to write about her here. Stand beside her and you will know why. Her belly is booming with life thriving maggots. Flies seem to swish past over her in countless numbers. Even bees seems to fancy her. And the top character in her is her piercing smell of ammonia. Few days back a teacher commented “well if you have a nose block, get inside, even germs makes way for that aroma.” And I couldn’t agree less on this.
But that wasn’t why I am writing about her either. It is because she is the only toilet that we have got in the entire neighborhood. Can you freaking believe it? Well you have got to because that’s the truth. Even the school lacks one. So that’s why blame her, slam her door (now broken) or do it without closing the door… we have got to use her..(that sounded funny didn’t it?)

upcoming sister but quite better one as promised

Now the story is about to change. A new set of toilet is coming up just below her with all the facilities (actually just water and pot). I can see every one of us eagerly waiting for her to get her finishing touch. Our lopen remarked while walking one day, “I am going to come to this new toilet even if it’s midnight.” Seems legit but what’s going to happen to our old shelter? Only time will tell.    
Sometimes I feel like, our old shelter is shying away from the new one because suddenly, one can see her take solace deep between the corns. Many have used her and left her without even thanking her. Actually nobody does… No not even me. Get in do our thing, slam her door and insult her of something and walk away….that the trend.  

Many teachers have also left from here. Guess who took in their unwanted dump during their stay here? Well she did, most of the time.
Today things are changing for a good but quite often I feel she will be missed for the kind service that she rendered for all of us. Many would find it funny that I wrote about her but I feel that I have appreciated her for her kindness because I am her earliest visitor every morning. So thank you…..


  1. great post sir....
    I too have sth to tell about her...."She was too musical for me....i often wished for a mute button whenever i visited her so i could mute that 'THUB THUB' sound...hehhehe..."

    Give my warm regards to her....

    creatively written...Keep writing....

  2. well thank you ... Even i enjoyed reading your blog... Keep it going sir. Good day..