Thursday, June 7, 2012

School with a size of a classroom

Isn't she beautiful?

Ever wonder how it feels like to be in a school with just fifty students? Well, I’ll tell you how?
Now every one of us must have sat in a class of at least fifty students or may be even more, at one point of a time. Well I certainly have. But now, am actually in a school with just fifty students. And to know how it feels like to be here, you have got to be HERE.
Sometimes I get a funny feeling.  Seriously, I mean, in the urban areas, there are children way more than the classroom can actually accommodate but here… five children makes perfect class strength. How RAW is that?

Even the teacher giving tuitions in the town handles more children in his room then we do in the class. The other day, I was at the town and heard a conversations taking place between the two stout gentlemen, without any reason and intervention. One muttered with disgust about the school administration (I guessed) about how his child got refused to be admitted in pre-primary. Noticed him continuing “ I went several times and time and again my request fell on their deaf ears”
Then I had to move away for my personal reason so their conversation level faded in the air. But then a thought crossed my mind because if that’s the case, in so called town area, then guess how we recruit new children in the school over here in remote area as many refer to as…. We literally have to move around the community, seeking and often forcing the parents, to admit their children in the school. And let me reiterate again, how RAW is that?
When we say we have got only 5 students studying in class six, people can’t help controlling their laugh. And I wonder why it seems so funny to them. God only knows why?
But regardless of all the unconventional contradiction about our school, in what so ever manners, that the different people presume, we run this school like any other school in any other places. We know that we can’t compete in their level but hear this out my good people; we are all committed to TEACH and make our learners understand us in best possible manner.

There are two very important factors that play a vital role in our small world, MANAGEMENT and IMPROVISATION.  I was asked once by somebody, “how do you organize a football competition?” … and he elaborated ….”Since you have only 27 boys.”  To which I answered rather flatly, “We mix both boys and girls together.”  He had a good laugh over this simple yet improvised idea…. (If you can understand what I mean)
So you see my friends, there are a set of people out there, who think they are the best with all the better possible opportunities, and who don’t mind looking down on others to make themselves feel bigger.
When would people actually understand that, life isn’t always about - big money, big car, big house etc… well any way let me not bullshit any more but just say that we are making a difference to these children's life.


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