Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tale of a boy named Karma Dorji

karma dorji wishes his tree to grow like him... tough ...

Look closely at him and you will see that he is just like any other healthy, strong normal boy who is growing up good.
Now what makes him so unique off the rest?
Well, he is the lone winner of the tag ‘ most mischievous boy of our school.’ Not just any ordinary naughty boy but someone who can topple the school upside down in an hour. Damn he is a real menace here.
Sit in the office for a while and you will get tired like running a marathon by hearing his name. Sir … karma Dorji broke that…… he beat me… he ate my lunch…pushed me… stole my pencil….taking off his under wear and it goes on.

I mean, there is a fight- he will be there, somebody’s crying-got to be him, broke something- always him. So you see he’s everywhere. Our new teacher remarked, “Even his hair defies his look.” How true.
And of all, nobody can find a solution to tame him. You try to twig his ear and he will run, hop and do everything it takes to get way. And if by any chance you catch him and turn his ear, he will at once drop on the ground with his feet dangling in the air and cry like a fire alarm and disturb the whole school. So you see he is unique. Isn’t he?

Every teacher dreads him. Some days back, our principals put him in a throw ball team, with a clear idea that he was so active but guess what? The whole time, he didn’t even move. Forget about catching a ball. We were dumbfounded.
I have been teaching math in his class for two years but took little notice of him. But lately I was shocked. And the reason was that he topped the math paper. At first I thought, he must have cheated. But wait. It wasn’t. Did few more tests and time and again he topped. This was unbelievable. But finally, had to accept the fact that, he is good in math. But there is a condition. If you keep on looking at him while he’s doing then he wouldn’t nudge a muscle. What you do is, one should just pretend like not looking at him and soon… slowly he will hand you the book in ill structure but with all answers.  

Other teachers also tried this method and it worked like a magic. You give him a paragraph to read but don’t look at him. Tell his friends not to look at him either and wait for some time. His voice will soon be heard to the next class room.
Me, I just had to live with the fact that children are all different. Nobody’s same. And I wish all the best for him in his life.        

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