Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finding my way back

"I am not lazy, It's just that I am on an energy saving mode."

Well well, it has been quite sometimes, perhaps may be two year I suppose, that I was caught up in an unending noose of worldly matters. And yes sir, I must admit here that it has pretty much kept me away from my blogging life.

Now during all these good years, what I could figure out was that; responsibility never ends but should learn to prioritize, time never waits instead should  catch up, opportunity visits but never introduces hence must recognize it and most of all, one can never spindle the endless thread of life but than to accept it in a best possible and grateful manner.  

Somebody rightly said, "we don't always live for our-self instead we live for others." And I have got to say that, every word is reasonably just true to its meaning. After all we can't choose a side when we live on a circle because circle just don't have sides. 

And now that I am back to score one, I pledge with my within my own capacity that I will make up for all the good number of days lost. And sincerely hope that fellow bloggers would take me back again.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ngag-tang wang; phallus blow-job

So there was this religious ceremony  Called drub in our locality right? And all of us, the staffs of the school went to offer our divinity. Then the most bizarre thing happened. The huge mask-dancer flashed a 12 inch long wooden phallus and rubbed in our mouth. And I mean literally in all of the mouths of the people present there. Now isn't this little weird?

The guy forcefully made us to give blow-job to his precious wooden phallus in the name of some religious ceremony. And nobody seemed to mind it. Classic Bhutanese us. Pelden Drukpa Gaylo!

What's more interesting in the whole act is that the ladies were least spared. They were handsomely cleansed of their immoral sins with that phallus brushing. Felt little disturbed though, for being a science teacher. 

Well what's the benefit of that ngag-tang wang anyway?
Believe it or not, the myth has it that it cleanses one's sin, for it portrays the invaluable act of Lam Drukpa Kinley (the divine madman) 

P.S: ngag-tang means penis...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Precious lizard; Tokay Gecko

What? Now wait a minute! Was it illegal for all this time? God, I would have never known if it wasn't for today’s news.

Now, it has been quite some time that I have seen most of the people down at Samdrup Jongkhar scrambling from wall to wall looking for this precious lizard. Well I dared to ask few  about it and all I could decipher from their  hard search was that they earned quite a stack of money from just few of those small black spotted lizard.

Tozay Gecko! It has got a name too, for crying out loud. I even clicked a picture of it in my cell phone at one time and showed it my colleagues. We had a long session of talk for its value in the black market.
Word in the street is that some Indians from the nearby border would come and collect the catch with loads of money. But hunting these precious creatures isn't a walk in the park, I suppose. They had to dig all the concrete walls hunting for just a few. 

Next time you visit the Samdrup Jongkhar town, I reckon you check the walls. It’s almost finished digging. Who wouldn't right? It’s all money but should remember; it’s illegal for good.       

Thursday, October 3, 2013

some things are best left- out!

There are certain things which needs a rational explanation. Like why do we actually laugh? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Etc. But more simple than that are the following two false memories!

Everyone has the memory of looking at the clock and finding that the second hand is standing still for a brief moment. Well the term  has a name and it's called chronostasis!
It's said that our brain has a tendency to create a false memory which tends to make us believe that the time is stretching little backward. So next time you feel the same it's just a false memory. No big deal.
Another false memory is when we look at the mirror and stare at our own eyes, trying to shift from one eye to the other. We won't feel that our eyes are moving but the other person standing as the observer will notice the slight movement of our eyes. This temporary blindness is caused due to saccades. Interesting?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

learning to accept life......

Once a bird asked a bee. You know, you spend hell of a time making honey only to be stolen by those selfish men at the end. Don't you feel bad? To which the bee replied, "well never, and why should I? They sure can steal my honey but never -the art of making it. Now, question! Didn't this prose ring a bell on you? To spill out the bean, this kind of  things happen to all of us all the time.

Some of us  work the freaking shit out only to see some lame horse taking all the damn credit. That's why I say, it isn't wrong to believe when somebody said, "the first and the only rule of a life is; it isn't fair."

Tell you what? We say, "bear eats the corn and monkey gets stonned" classic epitaph! Some people really can butter up the bosses like a banjo in old Joe's rusty hand. Sometimes I do wish my life to be a kind of movie premiere, for in those movies, good begets good alas. Curse me my lord,.,,.,
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