Sunday, September 8, 2013

learning to accept life......

Once a bird asked a bee. You know, you spend hell of a time making honey only to be stolen by those selfish men at the end. Don't you feel bad? To which the bee replied, "well never, and why should I? They sure can steal my honey but never -the art of making it. Now, question! Didn't this prose ring a bell on you? To spill out the bean, this kind of  things happen to all of us all the time.

Some of us  work the freaking shit out only to see some lame horse taking all the damn credit. That's why I say, it isn't wrong to believe when somebody said, "the first and the only rule of a life is; it isn't fair."

Tell you what? We say, "bear eats the corn and monkey gets stonned" classic epitaph! Some people really can butter up the bosses like a banjo in old Joe's rusty hand. Sometimes I do wish my life to be a kind of movie premiere, for in those movies, good begets good alas. Curse me my lord,.,,.,
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  1. Wonderful. The bee's answer to the bird is a consolation to many of us.

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